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1040A-Limited to:

  • Income: Wages, Interest, Dividends, Capital Gain Distributions, Unemployment, Social Security, IRA, Pension and Annuity
  • Deductions: IRA, Student Loan Interest
  • Credits: EIC, Child Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit Credit for the Elderly and Disabled, Adoption Credit and Education Credits

Examples of items not eligible for 1040EZ or 1040A:

  • Income: State Refund, Alimony, Business and Self Employment Income, Sale of Securities or Capital Assets, Rental Income, Farm Income, Income from Estates, Trusts, Partnerships or S Corps, Other Miscellaneous Income including Gambling, Prizes and Awards
  • Deductions: Moving Expenses,Self Employed Retirement and Health Insurance, Itemized Deductions(Mortgage Interest, R.E. Taxes, Charitable, Medical, Job Expenses Etc.)
  • Credits: Foreign Tax Credit
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